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Microsoft and Intel present Sharks Cove

You may have heard a few things about the Raspberry Pi, a low-cost small form-factor computer system that was originally designed to be used by school children in the UK to learn coding and computer basics. It didn’t quite work out that was however, as the hobbyist market latched onto the little PC and sent […]

Review: Lenovo IdeaPad S510

You know which member of Lenovo’s IdeaPad series we’ve neglected so far? A couple, actually, but there’s one in particular that should be in the lineup – Lenovo’s S-series S510. The S510 is the smaller brother of the G-series equivalent, the G510, which puts it into the consumer range of devices. But you’re getting your […]

Microsoft puts Settlers of Catan in your web browser

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer isn’t going away any time soon and the company has come up with something unusual in terms of content for their browser – as well as all of the others. Microsoft has announced a free-to-play preview of Settlers of Catan, playable through a web browser, which shows off “…the latest HTML5 web […]

Review: Lenovo IdeaPad Y5070

So you’re not really in the market for a high-end notebook (like the Z-series) or for a consumer notebook (the G-series) from Lenovo. Perhaps you’re a gamer, along with all that entails. Then you’re looking in the right place right now, as Lenovo has a lettered series just for you. The Y-series of Lenovo hardware […]

Samsung’s metallic smartphone, the Galaxy Alpha, leaked in images

Samsung’s metal smartphone, which has been rumoured for a while, looks to be getting ever closer to reality. A couple of online news outlets, one of them being Samsung-specific SamMobile, have managed to get their hands on images of a handset from the South Korean company that looks to be made (mostly) from aluminium. The […]

Microsoft’s first phone, post Nokia X demise, is the Lumia 530

Nokia may have seen the Nokia X brand, as well as their lineup of Asha smartphones, go away as a result of Microsoft’s recent company reordering but that doesn’t mean that the company will be abandoning the cheaper smartphone. Microsoft and Nokia have announced the Lumia 530 as evidence of that. The newest member of […]
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